Saturday, May 12, 2012

Patches and Ponies...

Newport's patches for his Therapy Dog vest came in today!!
Newport's CKC patch
One side of the vest
Top of the vest
The other side of the vest only has the Therapy Dog crescent patch so far. We are still waiting for the official Therapy Dog Organization patch to come in that will go above it. He will also be receiving a CKC Id tag with all of his and my info on it in case he gets lost, a bandana from the Therapy Dog Org., and an ID badge with his head shot on it :) This should all be coming within a few weeks. I am also going to get him a new collar to match the vest....the blue anchor one he has now clashes with the red vest lol.

I also took Keith to a horse barn today! Before puppy raising, I rode horses for about 8 years. I gave it up to puppy raise though. While I really miss riding, I LOVE puppy raising even more. Keith did fairly well. He was a little scared of the horses, but who can blame him? They must look huge and scary to him. I will definitely be bringing him around horses more often before he's recalled. I forgot to take pics of Keith at the Stable this morning :( so here's a cute picture I took the other day when Keith and I went for our daily walk! On our walks, we practice different commands so the walk stays fun and is never the same. I take him on a few different routes, and we practice some obedience at every corner or lamp post. Here is Keith in a down stay!
Keith on a walk

And Keith slept on a tie down successfully last night! I was super proud of him! (The last time he slept on a tie down at home, he chewed on my bed, but this time he stuck to his Nylabones and slept soundly all night!) Weirdly, Keith sleeps perfectly on a tie down when we do over night babysits....silly boy :)
Keith on the tie down last night!

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  1. Keith is doing so well thanks to you. He has had so many different experiences already. Good boy, Keith!