Saturday, April 28, 2012

GDB Puppy Movie Night!

Rory sleeping on me
Helene and Keith at Rayleys
My friend Natalie and I decided to have a movie night with our Guide Dog puppies tonight. She is raising a black female named Helene. We also included the Career Changes! Her CC Rory, another Female black lab, and my CC Newport grew up together and are the best of friends. It's kind of ironic how they were both CC'd. We let all 4 dogs, plus my pet dogs, Annie and Molly, play in my backyard for awhile. They ran and chased eachother, played in the doggie pool, and had a 4-way tug of war! They had so much fun. We then put the puppies in crates in my house and took the Career Changes on a really long walk together. It was so cute how excited Newport and Rory got when they saw us take out their leashes. Afterwards, we took the puppies in training to the grocery store to get some snacks and what not. They both did really good, and they all crashed before we started the movie :) Halfway through the movie, Rory decided to snuggle up with me on the couch. When she was in training, she was never really fond of me. She didn't hate me or anything, but she would casually get excited to see me, then ignore me for the rest of the time. Since she's been Career Changed, all she wants to do is be near me. She stares at me and whines softly until I let her climb into my lap on the couch. It's pretty cute that she actually likes me now! I don't know what changed her mind, but I now seem to be one of her favorite people! This was a fun night for all of the puppies, and a great start to the weekend. Keith will be doing some fun stuff over the next few days!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vet Visit for Keith

Keith in the waiting room at the Vet
I just got home from taking Keith to the vet to get his limp checked out. He had been limping for 3 days, so we wanted to be sure it was Pano and not hip or elbow dysplasia. We walked around the parking lot so the vet could see him, and he noticed that he was limping quite a bit on his front, right leg. I also weighed him, and he's 57.2 pounds now, and he just turned 7 months old! (Hard to believe that he was 21 pounds when I picked him up at GDB at 9 weeks old.) The vet decided to X ray his front legs to check his elbows. The results showed that his elbows looked great. (Which was a HUGE relief for me) But, the lower half of his legs showed gray areas, which means swelling or inflammation, something very typical with Pano. So, he diagnosed Keith with simply having growing pains (Pano), and we went home with some medication for him. If it continues, he'll be put on a more long term medication, as the stuff he's on now is just for 2 weeks. But for right now, I am so glad that he doesn't have elbow dysplasia! Sorry Newport, but one Career Change is enough ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Puppies!

My puppy club welcomed 3 new puppies to our club on Monday! A male black lab named Benito, a female black lab named Peaches, and a Lab/Golden cross named Tommy. This brings our total to 19 puppies being raised in our group! Our oldest puppies are 11 months old, and our youngest is 8 weeks old. We have 2 Golden Retrievers, 2 Crosses, and 15 Labs! There are 7 females and 12 males. And we also have 2 first time raisers waiting for transfers, and we always seem to have new people coming in wanting to raise a puppy! At this puppy meeting, we talked about how to deal with barking in the crate and on the tie down. Keith has really never been a vocal puppy. He barked the first two nights I had him, but after that, he never barked for attention again. He does get a little vocal when he is extremely excited about something, or when he's playing, but I'm not really worried about it. He knows to keep quiet when he's not playing.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Keith and I in San Francisco
Group at BART station
Sydney and I with Keith and Carrie
Our group in San Francisco
Keith at Pier 39
On Saturday, my puppy club and a few members from the Eldorado and Fresno club went to San Francisco with the puppies! We rode BART to San Fran, and walked the mile to Pier 39. It was such a great experience for the dogs.

Meet Keith!

Wow, I am so far behind on my Blog already! A lot has happened since Friday. First off, I will start by introducing you to yet another one of my dogs. This time, it's Keith's turn! Keith is my second Guide Dog Puppy. He is a yellow lab, born on October 8th, 2011. His parents are Suzanne and Jenkins. (Yes, he's a half brother to Newport!) He is now 7 months old, and has been a complete joy to raise so far. He's sassy confident, playful, and just an all around good boy. He is ALWAYS happy to see anyone, and his tail is always wagging at a mile a minute. He's got fairly dog fur, and it is very curly, which I find surprising in a lab. He is often mistaken for a Lab/Golden cross because if this. He's got super saggy eyes, and wrinkles galore! People will also ask me if he is part hound dog or Shar-Pei. He has awesome relieving skills and is perfect in the house. (Well....almost perfect. The trash can gets the best of him sometimes!) He is also a lot of to take on outings because he's extremely calm and well behaved. Well, as you can tell, I can't say enough good things about this boy! He currently has what we think is Pano (I really hope that it is Pano and not something else...), so he's been hobbling around, and is on bed rest for a few days. Luckily, today was my last day of school so he doesn't have to stay crated while I'm gone.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Meet Annie!

Me with Annie and Molly at the end of a 4 mile hike
Annie is our elderly beagle/lab mix. Like Molly, she too was a stray. We found her about 6 or 7 years ago darting through traffic on our street. We brought her home and gave her some food, and stayed the night with us. A few weeks had passed, and no one had come forth to claim her, so we decided to adopt her. We thought she was old when we got her, but she's still going strong today! She is definitely the Alpha dog in our house. She is an extremely petite dog as well. She has little sticks for legs and a very tiny, lean body. She is white and tan, and has black "eyeliner" around her eyes. She is a very gentle dog too, always taking treats with her lips, careful not to touch your hand. She LOVES to go on long walks and hikes, and is also content to just lay around on the couch with me all day. She is such a loving and sweet dog, and always keeps our puppies in training in check ;)

On a side note....I HATE this layout but I have no idea how to make the pics go where I want them to...*sigh* oh well. Also, TOMORROW is my puppy clubs outing to San Francisco!! So excited!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meet Molly!

Little Miss Molly

Molly is a mini Australian Shepherd mix (well, we think anyway). We don't know her age, but we're guessing that she's between 6 and 8. She's VERY high energy, and loves any and all forms of play. She excels in agility, and is a very good "trick" dog as well. We found her in an almond orchard about 4 years ago. Someone had dumped her off and she was just sitting in a pile of branches and thorns. My dad went and picked her up, and we groomed all of the stickers and thorns out of her and fed her. She is an extremely sweet dog, but she has a HUGE fear of men. We are almost certain that she was abused and then abandoned. We took her in with the intent of finding her a new home. My dad said he would give me two weeks to find her a new home. Well, 2 weeks went by and nobody had claimed her or wanted to adopt her. So, one thing led to another...and now she's ours! She is such a good dog with our guide dog puppies, and is so much fun to take to the park, on hikes, to the beach, etc. She has an amazing recall and can be off leash anywhere without me having to worry about her. We house trained her in a day, and she learned how to walk on a leash in less than a week. She's so incredibly smart, and we can't see why someone would have just abandoned her. She is still very fearful of men, but has come to like all the men in our family. She's a big dog in a little body, and I am so glad that this little mutt chose us as her family :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


First day with Newport
Newport at the College Library
Newport in Yosemite
Newport and I in History class
Newports first night home as a Career Change!
Newport at a race
Since I haven't really introduced my dogs, both pet and GDB dogs, I decided to (try) and do one dog a day. So, over the next 5 days, you'll get to meet all my pups! Today, I have decided to introduce my first GDB puppy, Newport. Newport is a male black lab born on July 14th, 2010. His parents are Jenkins and Molly. His siblings are Nisha, Niles, Nicolet, and Nicolina. I picked him up at GDB on October 13th, 2010. He was a HUGE puppy, and they had to walk him in, as opposed to carrying him. He had a super cute cone head, and very sad puppy eyes. I loved him even before I got him home. His first night went great. He barked for about 10 minutes, then fell asleep and slept all night. After 2 weeks had passed, I noticed that Newport was not having solid poop...and that he was pooping up to 8 times a day. We took him to the vet and discovered that he had Giarrdia. He had it until he was about 8 months old. Regardless, he was a joy to take places. He was always super calm and could settle and go to sleep anywhere. He started going to College with me at 5 months old, and he was always a perfect "student". At 9 months old, it was clear that Newport was having relieving issues. He was having more accidents on walks, and in stores. He was also proving to be a "soft" puppy. That is, he would get stressed or feel unsure in some situations. So, he was sent to a very experienced raiser in another club a few hours from me. He was gone for 2 months, and although it was very hard to be away from him, I got to puppysit a lot of other dogs in our club! Hermes, Luigi, Cayenne, (who are ALL Guide Dogs now!!) and Gaston ( In Formal Training in Oregon) were the dogs I puppysat, and I loved them all :) I got him back the day before his 11 month Bday, and he was so huge! He had done a lot of growing and maturing while he was gone. Up until his recall, Newport was an angel. He was one of those dogs you could take anywhere and not worry about them acting up. He was recalled on December 17th, 2011, just shy of his 18 month birth date. Giving him back was one of the hardest things I've ever done. But, I did get to pick up puppy #2 the same day which helped a lot. 5 days later, my leader called me to tell me that Newport had been Career Changed. He had Bilateral Cataracts in both eyes, though they don't think they'll affect his vision at all. We chose to adopt him, and he is now our forever boy and mentor to future puppies. He will be getting certified as a Therapy Dog in May! But right now, Newport is enjoying his life as a pet :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outings, Outings, Outings

Keith settling nicely at Applebees
Today has been one of Keith's busiest days since I got him. We started off with my speech class at my college campus. He has always been wonderful at school, and slept the whole time. We then went to the Gym for an hour and a half, where he again, slept the whole time. After the gym, we went to Target for 45 minutes, and then we finally went home so he could rest and have some playtime. Since my mom was off work tonight, we decided to go shopping and go out to dinner. We went to 2 different stores, and to Applebees. Keith impressed me greatly today. I could see that he has made so much improvement since last month. He walks on a loose leash, ignores food (well, most of the time anyway lol) and above all, he knows how to settle and not fidget when he needs to. He has become such a fun puppy to take places.

Newport being a very good, and excited boy at the Hardware store!
Newport also got to have some fun today! Our local hardware store allows us to bring Newport into their store, and he just thinks this is the best thing ever! He hasn't been into any stores since his Career Change in December, and when we told him "Let's go to work, Newport!", his tail just about fell off! He pranced through the store like he owned the place, with his tail wagging the whole time. It was so nice to see him having fun. He has always really enjoyed working, so I know that he will be a great Therapy Dog :)

Welcome to the world of Blogging!

This is my second and current puppy in training, Keith

My first puppy, Newport. This picture is in the 2012 GDB calendar!
Well, today I officially decided to give this blogging thing a try. We'll see how it goes! I am in College and I'm raising my second puppy, Keith. He will be 7 months old this Saturday, and he is an AWESOME puppy so far. My first puppy was a male black lab named Newport. He was a very mellow and extremely obedient dog. He was Career Changed 5 days after his recall for Bilateral Cataracts in both of his eyes. I am happy to say that I adopted him, and he is now our very spoiled pet, and mentor dog for other puppies in training. He will be getting therapy dog certified in May!