Monday, June 4, 2012

Last weeks happenings

Last week, Keith, Newport and I stayed at another raisers house to "kid-sit" her daughters, and her two puppies in training. She has a 10 month old male black lab named Cabo, and a 5 month old female black lab named Alita. Keith had a ton of fun playing with her dogs all weekend, and was a perfect puppy on all the outings we took them on. We went to the movies, restaurants, Target, and a big Mall that had a carousel! Keith was very well behaved the whole time! He even slept on a tie down again at their house!
Keith by the carousel at the Mall
Keith and Cabo at dinner
Alita at her first movie!
Keith, Newport, Cabo, and Alita
On Monday, Sydney and her two puppies in Training, Carrie and Partner, came and stayed for a few days! Partner is her newest puppy. He is a 11 week old male Golden Retriever and SOOO cute! We took Keith and Carrie to the Bass Pro Shop, the Mall, and hiking in Knights Ferry! Keith did great everywhere we went, and wasn't afraid of the animals at Bass Pro Shop at all!
Keith and Carrie at Build a Bear
Newport hiking in Knights Ferry with us
While we were hiking, Sydney got a call from her leader saying that Carrie was on the June recall. It's sad, but I know Carrie is going to do great in training! Whoever gets her is going to be getting a VERY good dog :)


  1. I always enjoy the way your write about all Keith's different experiences as a GDB pup in training. Great job, Emily!

    Heidi & Suzanne

  2. Hi!

    Your doggies are so cute! Well, keep up the good work and good luck in training them...